6/04/2015   "Heard your group for the first time at Folklife, Sunday, May 24.  Wonderful music and vocals, and so danceable!  I must tell you:  your rendition of "Blue Spanish Eyes", including the most subtle, poignant steel guitar, practically did me in.  I danced to it with a longtime dancer friend and we enjoyed a sublime waltz/cha cha dance to that song.  So glad you recorded that song on of of your two CD's, which I now have.  Seriously, your rendition is the most beautiful I've ever heard."   June Rugh, Seattle

"it's pretty awesome!"  Joe Baker, President of Western Swing Guild (upon receiving the Swingin on a Ridge cd)  dec. 4, 2014

"Wow!  It was great, every song...Lew, your little red wagon brought back memories of someone I used to sing it with.  And Sharyn, your Lily Dale really touched my heart.  All your songs were good, very clear instrumentals."   Ken Fullerton  "Country Fever Band"

Sharyn Lee and The Sundowners,
      Please accept thanks from me and all the board members for a very special showcase yesterday. Your performance was splendid, very entertaining and well received by our society members and guests.  We will be looking forward to next time. 
LLoyd Hooper
2013 President of NW Western Swing Music Society
NW Western Swing Music Society

Album: Swingin' on a Ridge
Artist: Sharyn Lee and The Sundowners


From out of the great northwest, specifically Washington, comes a brand new 15 tune CD by Sharyn Lee and The Sundowners.

Sharyn Lee is heard on vocals and also plays rhythm guitar. Pat Edwards swings out with some really enjoyable steel guitar licks and Lew Packwood is heard playing both rhythm and lead guitar as well as a featured vocalist. Tom Manhart is the drummer while Dave Wheeler is heard on bass guitar and also on three vocals. Jerry Seitz plays fiddle and is also heard on three vocals including Sierra Swing, with huge hit potential.

The album opens with a swinger from the Hank Williams' country music library with Sharyn in the spotlight on Move it on Over. Leon McAuliffe wrote the music, Webb Pierce, the words and Jerry brings both back on Panhandle Rag. Lew reprises the late Rex Griffin's Little Red Wagon, There's a New Moon from Jimmie Davis, Tex Ritter and Gene Autry and The Other Woman from Ray Price's hit parade. Pop music gave us Blue Spanish Eyes and from Cindy Walker and Bob Wills comes Sugar Moon. Both are now recreated by the group as instrumentals. Also from Bob Wills the group gives us Roly Poly from songwriting legend Fred Rose. Another one of Rose's tunes, now sung by Jerry, is I'm Satisfied with You. Sharyn is in vocal spotlight on the beautiful Kentucky Waltz, from the pen of bluegrass' Bill Monroe but gifted to Western Swing by Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart. Bob Wills is again remembered for the four remaining cuts, Across the Alley From the Alamo, originally hits for The Mills Brothers and Stan Kenton, Corrine Corrina, Faded Love and Lily Dale Road, with additional lyrics from Sharyn.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX
June 2, 2012

MIKE GROSS' 2012 Top 10

  1. Man in the Moon- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico)
  2. There's a Gold Star in Her Window- Jean Prescott
  3. High Country- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (KtttM)
  4. How the Cowboys Swung the West- The Stardust Cowboys
  5. Can't Get Enough of Texas- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost)
  6. I'm Just a Plain Old Country Boy- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (KtttM)
  7. Easier to Know- The Stardust Cowboys
  8. Sierra Swing - Sharyn Lee & The Sundowners - (Vocals by Jerry Seitz)
  9. The Bronze Buckaroo- Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  10. The California Connection- Doug Baker

Album: Swingin' on a Ridge
Artist: Sharyn Lee and The Sundowners
Nominated for Western Swing Album by 2012 AWA Awards
for Sierra Swing - Sharyn Lee & The Sundowners with Vocals by: Jerry Seitz

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